China and Singapore goes visa-free!

China and Singapore goes visa-free!

China and Singapore have agreed on visa-free travel for 30 days on both ends but it’s not just a trip where we can say “Let’s go” and we can just pack our bags and travel.

Recently, many people have been carried away by the good news that China and Singapore will be free from visas on both ends for 30 days from February 9, 2024 (Chinese New Year’s Eve)! Most will agree that isn’t it just a trip where you pick up your passport and go?

Let’s figure out what “visa-free” means. Visa-free just means that if Chinese travellers travel to Singapore, they can stay in Singapore for 30 days with their Chinese passport without a visa. Only the “visa” is exempted but it does not say that it is free from overseas procedures, free of fees, or relevant regulations do not apply.

Today we’ll quickly straighten out what “visa-free” means under the premise of Singapore travel and as travelers you are still required to follow these few points and regulations, do take these notes down :

1. Remember to fill in the e-entry card

Fill in the e-entry card within 72 hours (3 days) before entering Singapore.

At the latest, when entering Singapore, if you have not filled in the electronic entry card, you are required to fill in the entry card according to the requirements of the Singapore immigration staff. Otherwise, you will not be able to enter Singapore!

About Singapore e-Entry Card:

① Before entering Singapore, you can submit your e-entry card for free via the MyICA mobile app or ICA website!

② At the latest if you have not submitted your e-entry card upon entry, you will have to confirm your identity and itinerary with Singapore immigration staff and fill up the card on the spot with the IPAD provided.

  • Ensure that your passport’s validity is more than 6 months

3. You must purchase a return ticket

When applying for a Singapore visa, one must provide detailed travel arrangements, including round-trip air ticket booking information and hotel booking information. Ensure that the itinerary is properly arranged and consistent with the itinerary on the application form.

If you enter Singapore without a Visa, other inspection processes are still needed.

To avoid any complications, it is highly recommended to buy round-trip tickets.

4. You may be fined for carrying too much cash

Singapore also has a rule that whether it is leaving or entering the country, you will need to declare if you are carrying more than SGD 20,000 (or the equivalent in foreign currency). If you do not declare truthfully, it is illegal!

The most important point to remember is to keep it under $20,000! Take for example, as a Chinese tourist you can carry with you less than 100,000 RMB. To conclude, carrying more than SGD $20,000 is illegal! 

5. Bringing new brand-name bags into the country requires declaration + paying consumption tax

If you bring a newly bought designer bag or an expensive watch, these items need to be taxed when entering Singapore. If you do not declare, you may be fined or even jailed! In Singapore, “new buy” is defined as being bought within three months and these items are considered new!

6. Here are some things you should never bring when entering Singapore

① Food:

Fresh egg

Meat and products made from meat, including salami, sausages, etc., are prohibited from being brought into the country.

② Tobacco and wine

Snuff, shisha, e-cigarettes, smokeless cigars, smokeless cigarettes, chewing tobacco, imitation tobacco products, nicotine, etc., are all prohibited from entering the country

③ Others

Chewing gum, fireworks, agricultural and sideline products, fruits and medicinal herbs are also not allowed to be brought into Singapore.

There are some regulatory or restrictive items, prohibited items, please go to the “Singapore Navy official website” before going abroad and must be carefully studied and understood. If you are traveling via a tour group to Singapore, it is best to ask the tour group organizer in advance.

Finally, we would like to remind everyone that Singapore is a “Fine City”, the environment is very fine (in other words: beautiful), while her fine is also very beautiful.

Having said so much, we still wish you a perfect and pleasant trip to Singapore.

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